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We've got it from here.

Our full-service production is a completely scalable service. We can manage everything for you. Or at least as much as you'd like us to handle. For larger, more complex projects, we start with a bit of discovery to best understand your needs.  Not every project requires a detailed storyboard. But when it's necessary, we'll work directly with you to  craft an engaging story that hits your target goals &/or keeps your clients coming back for more.  Once the script has final approval (& not before), we move on to production. With up to a full crew, lighting, studio, audio, & really any necessary equipment you can think of — no project is too large or small with a scalable service like this. Post production is where you will see the project all come together.  Editing, color grading, AfterEffects and titling are all part of this step.  Finally delivery - we can upload directly to a digital platform, share a digital link, or deliver a physical drive with all your raw content.

Because this is a scalable service a consultation is required for a quote.

Video Graphy

Just the visuals, ma'am

Videography services

Starting at: $75/hr | 300 half-day | $600/Day

(camera, tripod, slider, Steady-cam/stablizer toplight, mic)  



2-man full videography production services

Starting at: $125/hr | $1000/Day

(multiple cameras, multiple audio, Steady-cam, dollies/sliders, light kit - additional equipment available)


Multi-person wireless lav

Starting at: $50/hr | $300/Day

(up to 2 people with lav interviews to tascam mixer)

Video Editing

no assembly required


Basic editing services

Starting at: $100/hr | 450 half-day | $650/Day

(Work with Apple FPCX & Adobe Creative Suite)

Project storage fees

Starting at: $100 GB of data

This fee is applicable to all editing project & covers the hard cost of harddrive for handling your media. In some cases single video files can reach up to 50 GB each!



it's Alive!

Titles, name keys, end pages

Starting at: $75/hr

(Work with AfterEffects and motion)

Logo animations

Starting at: $75/hr (typically requires 1-3 hours)

(We take your existing logo & animate it for digital or any use.)

Custom design animations

Starting at: $100/hr

(anything that you would like to create from scratch)

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