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With more than 20 years experience producing small and large scale media for television and digital, and numerous awards under our belts, Raindrop Creative is here to serve your needs, whatever they may be!


Need an in-house studio built on the fly and operating with full content? We've done that. Need a simple training film? We do that all the time. looking to enter the VR space? We can make it a reality. 


As a dynamically-expanding agency, we adjust our size to fit your unique project. We've worked with global corporations as well as small business and have navigated everything from commercials and arts organization productions to sensitive legal materials and large-scale privileged corporate work. We can book crews locally or hand deliver the best of the best to your site. 


Just need a videographer for an event? We've done that. Need a full scale production with multiple cameras, drones, studio, jibs & dollies, lighting & sound?   Shoot in town or out, large crew or single shooter?  We've done that too.



Commercial, web, social content, short presentation, VR 3D 360, experimental, or private corporate—We've done it! We'll edit and turn it around for you - fast!  Got to get that content up to your social media channels? Relax! 

Raindrop Creative has you covered.



Simple logo animations, explainer videos, VR room design, graphic opens, text & graphical branding, compositing, high-level special effects & more—We'll put your materials into motion.


From simple logo animations, text & graphical branding, to explainer videos, titles, lower thirds, opens, compositing, high-level special effects & more. Give Raindrop Creative a call or send us a email!

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